BRC Christmas Quiz – Answers

By popular request – answers to the quiz questions and photo round from friday night..

Round 1:

1) What is the name of the American actor best known for playing Rocky Balboa and John Rambo?

A – Sylvester Stallone

2) What is the excitable breed of gun dog, traditionally used for flushing and retrieving game?

A – Springer spaniel

3) Name the central African country that became an independent state as recently as July 2011.

A – South Sudan

4) Which children’s character started off life on greeting cards but later became a popular scented doll in the 1980s?

A – Strawberry shortcake

5) Originally the home of the New York Mets baseball team, which sporting facility hosted the opening of the Beatles 1965 north American tour?

A – Shea Stadium

6) Company, Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park with George are among the works of which American composer?

A – Steven Sondheim

7) What is the name of the New Zealand hospital-based soap opera that was first screened in 1992?

A – Shortland Street

8) Which 1980s pop star was convicted in 2009 of assaulting a photographer in the Tullyglass Hotel in Ballymena?

A – Shakin’ Stevens


Round 2

1) Which town in Northern Ireland has a name that in Irish means “the middle townland”?

A – Ballymena

2) What is the easternmost county on the island of Ireland?

A -Down

3) Only one Asian country has a name that ends with the letter H. Name it.

A -Bangladesh

4) What is the southernmost state of mainland Australia?

A -Victoria

5) What is the capital city of Canada?

A -Ottawa

6) What is the largest of the five US states on the Gulf of Mexico?

A – Texas

7) What is the closest city to the City of London?

A -The City of Westminster

8) Which Irish county has more borders than any other?

A – Tipperary


Round 3:

1)  Who was the only heavyweight champion to finish his boxing career with a perfect record? (49 wins-0 defeats)

A – Rocky Marciano

2) Goleo, Spheriks, Ciao, Naranjito and Tip & Tap were all examples of what?

A – Football World Cup mascots

3) Which national team introduced ‘Total Football’ at the 1974 FIFA World Cup in Germany?

 A – Holland

4) Which Dutch footballer earned the nickname ‘Llama’ after spitting on the West German striker Rudi Völler during a 1990 FIFA World Cup game?

 A – Frank Rijkaard

5) In 2011, a Formula 1 race will was held in which country for the first time?

A – India

6) Which male tennis player lost a record 4 US Open singles finals in 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1981?

 A – Bjorn Borg

7) The name of which Olympic host city translated means ‘Northern Capital’?

 A – Beijing

8) Based on the number of Major Championships won (Masters, U.S. Open, The Open, PGA), who is the most successful golfer ever from outside the United States?

A – Gary Player


Round 4:

1) Which musician played on both sides of the Atlantic at the Live Aid concert?

A – Phil Collins

2) Who were the first Norwegian group to have a number one hit record in the UK?

 A – AHA

 3) What was the Beatles biggest selling single?

 A – I wanna hold your hand

4) What was the first solo number one hit in Britain by Diana Ross?

 A – I’m Still waiting

5) Of which group were Gary Leeds, Scott Engel and John Maus members?

 A – Walker Brothers

 6) What do the songs God save the Queen, Relax and My Ding a Ling have in common?

 A – Banned by the BBC

 7) Who recorded the album sticky fingers?

 A – Rolling Stones

 8) What was George Michael’s first solo hit called?

A – Careless Whisper


BRC/Running Round:

  1. How many members does BRC have as of today?  Answer: 146
  2. In what year and month was BRC originally set up?  Was it December 2013, January 2014, or February 2014? Answer: December 2013.
  3. Out of the five club members who took part in the 2016 London Marathon, which one crossed the line first? Was it Louise Jones, Aaron Hill, or Kathryn McAllister? Answer: Kathryn McAllister.
  4. Which BRC member came 3rd in the Pure Running Half Marathon Series’ female open category? was it Eileen Dillon, Jonathan Porter, or Louise Jones? Answer: Louise Jones
  5. Which author and runner wrote the book ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’? Was it Christopher McDougall, Haruki Murakami, or Adharanand Finn? Answer: Haruki Murakami.
  6. Mo Farah ran is debut London Marathon in 2014, but in what position did he finish?  Was is 4th, 6th or 8th? Answer: 8th.
  7. Ethiopia’s Almaz Ayana smashed 10,000m women’s world record at the Rio Olympics in the summer, but by how many seconds? Was it by 14, 5, or 18? Answer: 14 seconds
  8. In what year were woman officially allowed to enter the Boston Marathon? Was it 1982, 1921 or 1972. Answer: 1972.


And the photo round