February training, social runs and classes

Mondays: Social run leaving from Cutters Wharf lower carpark (the car park nearest the start of the towpath) at 6.30pm. Running 5-6 miles in distance at 10minute/mile pace.

Tuesdays: Club training – Hills. Please wear hi viz running clothing.
Time and Venue: 6.25pm (set off 6.30pm) from Cutters Wharf Car Park, Stranmillis. Free for members, £2 for non-members. 

Wednesdays: Social run leaving the front of Shaftesbury Recreation Centre (also known as LORAG). Running 5-7miles in distance at 9 to 9.30minute/mile pace.

NEW for Wednesdays in February: Strength & Conditioning Classes with Carl Green (Bodymotion NI). Training in large gym at Methodist College Belfast (Methody), beginning Wednesday, 1 February, from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. £4 per-member.
This Wednesday class will run initially for four weeks over the month of February.

Thursdays: Club training – track. For the month of February, the sessions will be 800m reps for the first two weeks moving to 400m/mile reps for the final two weeks. 6.25pm (set off 6.30pm) from Mary Peters Track. Free for members, £2 for non-members.

Sundays: BRC Pilates with Neilpilates. St Bernard’s Parish Hall, Rosetta Road, South Belfast. 7pm-8pm. £4 per-member and you are asked to bring a yoga or pilates mat.