BRC Race Series


The Belfast Running Club run series is a new fun and inclusive event for 2017/18.

Events have been chosen to cover a range of different distances and terrains – road, trail, cross country and track.

Members made suggestions and we decided to include 12 runs – 8 which will be official races and 4 of which will be club exclusive events.

Race Reports:

Minnowburn 5k/10k race report


How do I enter?

Every paid-up club member can take part, but must register for the series.

To register click here.

All we need from you is your name, date of birth and permission to use this for the age graded scoring. Personal details will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third parties.

Last date for registration is 31st December 2017.

Enter races as normal and our club run series administrators will find your results and process them.


In an effort to make the series fair, points will be awarded based on age-grading (AG). This is a way of putting all members on a level playing field, regardless of age or gender.

Scores will be based on the aged graded WMA calculator, with runners also automatically getting points for taking part.

How will we work this out?

Every runner’s time will be put through the AG calculator. Points will then be assigned to each runner’s AG score. There will be 10 additional points for participation (up to a maximum of 80 – 10 x 8 runs).

Scoring examples

  1. A) 53 year old female runs 10k event in 45.15, the AG score is 77.3%
  2. B) 25 year old male runs same 10k event in 41.29, the AG score is 65%

Points will be assigned to each AG in order of highest to lowest. So runner A would receive 40 points and runner B 39 points

Adding in 10 points for participation, runner A would receive 50 points and runner B 49 points.

An example of the WMA age grading calculator can be found here;

Club Exclusive races

AG will not be used for staggered start or team events – such as our handicapped parkrun and relays. For these runs, the most points will be awarded simply to the person or team that crosses the line first.

Each of the club races will be worth 50 points.


Runners will each receive individual points. i.e. first team home all runners will get 50 points, 2nd team all runners 45, 3rd team all runners 40 etc.


While the run series will involve 12 events, members may take part in as many or as few as they wish and still be included on the overall points table.

However, only your best 8 results will count towards your final score.

To be eligible for points, you must finish each race and be allocated an official finishing result. The organiser’s results will be considered as final – not your Garmin time.

The 8 official events are ones that this club has previously supported and are popular among members. We have runs on the roads, trails, a cross country and a track event, as well as distances from 1 mile up to half marathon.

The series will be held from October 2017 to September 2018 and runners will stay in the same age category for the year (age will be taken from October 1st 2017).

Runners must be fully paid up members of BRC and we would encourage club colours to be worn at all events.


**Exclusive championship t-shirt for every member completing the 8 runs!**

Prizes will be awarded for the top male and female runners


If you have any questions or queries please contact the club run series committee here


Race Series
Official races
Where available clicking on the race name will take you to futher details/how to enter pages.

Race Name Date
GR8 Dundrum 14/10/2017
Minnowburn (10k or 5k) 4/11/2017
Stormont XC 3/02/2018
Carlingford (10k or Half Marathon) 4/03/2018
NI Running Mile 4/05/2018
Ballybeen 5k (link to follow) 15/05/2018
Drumlough 5 miler (link to follow) June 2018 (TBC)
Giant’s Trail 27/07/2018


Club Races

Race Name Date
Portrush Parkrun 20/01/2018
Handicapped Parkrun 24/04/2018
Landy Mile 21/06/2018
Team Relays 14/08/2018

Every effort is made to provide information that is accurate. However, the content of this document is subject to change at any time. Any changes to official races such as cancelation or change of date is beyond the control of Belfast Running Club.