Belfast Running Club Parkruns

Every Saturday the parkrun is a favourite amongst many of our club runners and the parkrun website has reports showing results for running clubs.

Consolidated Report For Last Weekend

You can see how runners who have BRC Running club in their parkrun profile have performed at last Saturday’s park run here (Report will open up in new page). The list shows the parkruns that were attended by runners who have Belfast Running Club in their profile and also the first runner home for each gender is included/emboldened, regardless of club, for reference purposes.

BRC Runners at NI Parkruns

BRC Runners at NI Parkruns shows a list of all parkruns in Northern Ireland providing information on runners who have Belfast running club in their profile attending each parkrun. To date three current members i.e. Aaron Hill, Des Reid and Gráinne McMacken have attended all the parkruns in Northern Ireland.


If you are a member of Belfast Running club and cannot see yourself in the above reports you will need to sign into parkrun and update your group profile .

The information provided is from parkrun and some of the runners may have left our club but still have Belfast Running Cub in their parkrun profile (sometimes it’s hard to let go).