BRC Race Series Results 2024

The following is the race series results for 2024. You can see details and reports of all our events on the 2024 race series page.

Overall Standings

NameStormont XCCraic 10KZoo 5KTotal
Jill Mellon504949148
Donna Healey494748155
Jonathan Porter453546126
Liz Robinson5050100
Fabrice Scoupe494897
David Hynes474491
Colin McMahon344781
Aidan McPeake4646
Vernon Murphy4646
Marie-Therese Higgins4545
Rowena Fair4545
Tommy Cheng4444
Callum Robinson4343
Hannah Gray4242
Stephen Reid4141
Peter Mulgrew4040
Chris Gilbert3939
Ciaran Kearney3838
Marv Van Niekerk3737
Jane Kelly3636
David McBride3333
Conor McCaffrey3332
Jenna Bradley3131
Conan Bradley3030

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Zoo 5K

NameTimeAge GradePoints
Liz Robinson24:1578:1750
Jill Mellon28:0665:8249
Donna Healey31:2058:3248
Colin McMahon25:3857:9147
Jonathan Porter29:2947:6546
Rowena Fair31:1447:6245
Tommy Cheng30:3542:0244

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Craic 10K

NameTimeAge Grade %Points
Liz Robinson47:08:0082.6450
Jill Mellon48:31:0078.2549
Fabrice Scoupe39:26:0075.9848
Donna Healey50:45:0072.9547
Vernon Murphy39:48:0072.846
Marie-Therese Higgins43:38:0071.745
David Hynes39:39:0070.7544
Callum Robinson37:26:0070.6343
Hannah Gray43:45:0067.9242
Stephen Reid48:10:0066.7541
Peter Mulgrew45:05:0066.4640
Chris Gilbert47:56:0060.9539
Ciaran Kearney52:40:0058.9038
Marv Van Niekerk51:01:0057.7537
Jane Kelly55:26:0056.4436
Jonathan Porter53:00:0053.7935
Colin McMahon57:25:0052.1834
David McBride53:20:0049.9533
Conor McCaffrey55:22:0048.5532
Jenna Bradley61:16:0048.5131
Conan Bradley62:03:0042.5530

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Stormont XC

NameMilesTimeAge Grade %Points
Jill Mellon3.326:48:0066.5150
Fabrice Scoupe4.431:33:0060.5349
Donna Healey3.329:13:0059.5648
David Hynes4.430:16:0059.247
Aidan McPeake4.434:36:0054.346
Jonathan Porter4.437:36:0048.445

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