Thinking about joining Belfast Running Club but want to find out if it’s for you?  Currently a club member and have some queries? We’ve compiled this FAQ to help answer your questions.  If you still need more information, drop us a line at info@belfastrunningclub.co.uk.

Q: Are the training sessions suitable to all?

Training sessions are suitable for anyone that can run 5km in under 30minutes.  If you are an absolute beginner, we advise that you complete a JogBelfast programme first. Details on JogBelfast programmes can be found here: http://activeni.org

Q: Can I try a few club training sessions first before I join?

A: You most certainly can!  Potential members can avail of a two-week trail period during which they can attending training sessions at a cost of £2 per-session and the social runs for free.  After the two weeks are up, we encourage you to register as a full member.

Q: Where and when do the training sessions take place?

Training sessions take place on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings at approx 6.20pm in and around south Belfast. Training venues and start times are subject to change throughout the year depending on the time of year, so all members are advised to check here, our club Facebook page and club Twitter regularly for updates. We will also email members to let them know when there are changes to club training and endeavour to do so with as much notice to you as possible.

Q: What are the social runs like and when do they take place?

A: These are informal runs that take place on a Monday and Wednesday specifically for BRC members and any potential members availing of the two-week trial period.  These runs are not coach-led so you are advised to listen to the run leader before set-off for details on what the route is. The onus will be on individual participants themselves to follow the route to the end. Anyone taking part can drop off at any time.

They leave from the following places at the following times:

Monday leaving from Cutters Wharf lower carpark (the car park nearest the start of the towpath) at 6.30pm.  Cutters Wharf is located at Lockview Road, Belfast, County Antrim BT9 5FJ


Wednesday leaving the front of Shaftesbury Recreation Centre (also known as LORAG), 97 Balfour Ave, Belfast BT7 2EW at 6.30pm.



PLEASE NOTE: Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook profiles and our Facebook Group for the most up-to-date details on social runs, including routes, alternative meeting spots and cancellations.

Q: Does the club provide lockers or a secure place to leave belongings during training sessions?

A:  No.  We also do not provide water or hold keys for members during training sessions, so you’re are advised to wear suitable training gear with pockets. For the first few sessions, you should bring a bottle of water to see if you need it.

Q: How much is it to join?

A: Membership for the year costs £40 and we accept new members from April until December. The running year starts in April and ends in March the following year.

Q: What if a I want to register as a member in December, leaving me just four months of membership for that year? Do I still have to pay the full £40?


Q: I would like to join the club. How do I do this?

A: Joining is done via the online form here.  You will need a Paypal account to pay your membership fee.  Unfortunately, as of the 2016/15 running year, we no longer accept cash for membership fees or hard copy membership forms.

Q: Does Belfast Running Club offer junior membership?

A: Unfortunately Belfast Running Club does not offer junior membership.  The minimum age for membership is 18 years of age.

Q: Does Belfast Running Club cater for track and field athletics?

A: We also do not cater for track and field athletics.

A: Unfortunately at this time Belfast Running Club does not offer junior membership, minimum age for membership is 18 years of age.

Q: Where can I find Belfast Running Club on social media?

A: Twitter – www.twitter.com/BelfastRunClub

Facebook – www.facebook.com/BelfastRunningClub  (our members-only Facebook group can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/435264356598242/

Instagram – www.instagram.com/BelfastRunningClub

Q: I’d like to buy a club T-shirt or other club merchandise.  How can I do this?

A: Orders for club merchandise are made when there is enough demand.  We will notify members via the usual communication channel when another order is being placed, along with any information on sizes.  All payment for items will be required upfront via the club Paypal account.

Q: Blur or Oasis?

A: Oasis won the battle, but Blur won the war.