BRC Track Night 2024

On June 20th, the club had their annual track event. Held at the iconic Mary Peters Track, we had a huge turnout from members, volunteers and even some of the next generation. The event is centered  around the mile race, 4 laps of the track which most members are familiar with. This year we tried something different with the introduction of 2 field events: Rocket Javelin and the Swede/Turnip putt. Organising the timetable was in the very capable hands of Fiona, David and Nicky.

19 people entered the mile race, with Ciarán coming out on top, earning 50 points to add to his 0 so far. Least he can say he has 100% record in the race series this year. Callum was close behind, and Hannah finished first female. Jill continues to lead the way with Johnny ahead of the males. Unfortunately he injured his foot recently so lets hope he can get back to fitness soon and keep on top of the pile.

The 100m started the night, with Manus again claiming gold. Highlight was the 50m with the kids taking part, always great to see the children enjoying themselves. The Javelin throwing was quite competetive, with Syd and Emmanuel the standout leaders. With one final throw, Emmanuel took the lead with a mightily impressive throw. To showcase his all-rounder skills, he also came 2nd in the Swede putt, failing to beat Manus. Looks like we might have a heptathlete on our hands.

As always, the night ended with the 4x400m relay, with 5 teams involved. A very close race ensued with Manus, David, Jill and Eamon coming out as winners and only 10 seconds seperating all five teams. A big thanks to everyone who volunteered, ran and supported. We had great weather (which always helps) and will hopefully see everyone back next year.

Video highlights are available on our Youtube Channel.

Results and overall standings here.